Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is Sashays based? 
Sashays is based out of Ahmedabad.  
Are all your products handcrafted?  
We make most of our products with our hands.  
The collection looks lovely but can it be washed by soap? 
Don’t worry, all our products (wood and ceramic) can be washed using mild detergent and a soft sponge. Avoid using harsh soap or scrubs.
Can the ceramic and wood look good together?  
Absolutely, check out our website and Instagram to know how we have complimented wood and ceramic.  
Are the products dishwasher/microwave friendly.  
Sorry, the wooden ware products are not dishwasher/ microwave friendly but our ceramic ware and coffee mug are absolutely safe to go in. 

Will there be scratches on the wood?  
The wood is been coated with food safe varnish that keeps scratches away but it may end up with marks overtime, just wood ageing.  
Is the coffee mug and coaster dishwasher safe? 
The Coffee Husk Mug and Coaster are BPA free, dishwasher/ microwave safe, freezer safe, eco friendly, sustainable, unbreakable and very lightweight.  

Will the polish enter my food while eating?
All our products are completely food safe.
How long does it take to ship the products.  
It depends upon where you stay but we try to send our products as soon as possible.  
Do you take return/ exchange? 
You can check our return policy to know all the details.  
Do you believe in sustainability? 
We try bringing sustainability in our packaging to the very last level.